Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Week 26 -- The Doggie Edition

To make up for going an entire WEEK without a post, I've taken some week-appropriate photos. See the amazing expanding belly, step right up!

Me, in all my "haven't showered yet, but really need to take a photo" glory and my shadow Dexter. I swear, I go into the bathroom and Dexter has to follow me in to make sure, I dunno, I don't climb out a window to escape him? I just can't shake him, no matter what I do.

Jackson on the other hand, the dog I've had since college, who has been with me to three cities, nearly a dozen different houses/apartments, and who I truly believed was the only "man" who would never leave me (until I met Ben that is) has 100% abandoned me.

He wants nothing to do with me. He has replaced me as his #1 human, now totally in love with my husband. Seriously, he makes googly eyes at Ben now. They have a napping bond that can not be broken.

Sure, it hurts a little to have lost my Jack to Ben, but I guess I can imagine I am giving off weird hormone-y smells and the second heartbeat coming from my body may freak him out a bit. I'm changing, and apparently, Jack doesn't like change. A friend of mine had the same experience with her long-time dog when she became pregnant -- her dog became a faithful follower of her husband, and avoided the nursery at all costs. When they first brought the baby home, this same dog urinated on the floor and went outside to sulk. My feeling is that when you've had a dog that has ruled the roost for some time, no outsider is going to get a warm welcome.

Plus, I've got Dexter (aka bad dog) to keep me company for now. Sure, he is a pain, but he loves me and I'll take every bit of cuddling I can get. Plus its really cute when he lays his head on my belly bump. Here is one last picture from Week 26 (post-shower), and while it may seem my shadow has left me, you can actually see his tail in the lower left corner. He is never far away...


Nicole said...

What a cute belly! You look great.

Anne said...

Seconded. I am so excited to see you!!