Thursday, December 18, 2008

On the first day of Christmas...

Today marks the official start of the Christmas holiday in the Edelbrock household. This week, my family is in town to celebrate the Entwistle Christmas a week early. Then, next Wednesday, Ben and I will go down to Houston for an Edelbrock extravaganza. Two whole weeks of Christmas, it just makes me giddy with excitement -- Presents! Santa (for my niece Lily)! Family time!

And, even though both Ben and I are stretched thin with work, school, pregnancy, etc., we made it a point to get into the holiday spirit. We FINALLY finished decorating our Christmas tree, we've been listening to Christmas carols for a few weeks and we spent last weekend boosting the economy and shopping our happy little butts off for family gifts. In fact, Ben even found time to put up the Christmas lights on our house while I was squeezing in a little nap. Last, but not least, we ordered our Christmas cards, although it will seriously be a holiday miracle if we actually get them in the mail by December 25 (we probably should have gotten the "Happy Holidays" themed card instead...).

So, to everyone out there, I wish you the very best holiday season (a little early). Ho, Ho, Ho!Yep, we know our tree is tacky, and we really, really like it that way. Our (REAL) tree has a little lean to it, we have an odd assortment of non-matching ornaments that have special meaning to either Ben, I or both and the colored lights are those big, garish bulbs that can light up an entire room when they are on. All we are lacking is some tinsel (maybe by this evening I'll have added that to the tree) to have a true eyesore, but to Ben and I it feels homey, comfortable and truly joyous.


Nicole said...

I love how the dogs like to be in pictures. Your house looks so pretty. I'm amazed that Ben found time to put the lights up with all the stuff ya'll have going on. Your tree looks like ours. It must be a family thing. ;)

Ben said...

Who says I put up the lights, I made Liz get out there with baby and all to put them up. I did however sit on the couch and drink beer.