Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Week 25

Apparently, my "What to Expect When Expecting" book and TheBump.com are NOT on the same page when it comes to my pregnancy. Because The Bump says I'm just now starting my sixth month, and WTEWE seems to think I'm halfway through my sixth month. And I feel like I'm in my eighth month, so something seems to be off.

And, maybe I'm just knit picking here, but if you are a pregnancy Web site or the Encyclopedia of pregnancy, don't you think you should maybe GET ON THE SAME PAGE? I'm no scientist or mathematician, and frankly without a calculator I can't do long division, but I CAN estimate that if I'm 25 weeks along, and there are approximately four weeks in a month, I'm 6 months and one week along. Which makes BOTH MY PREGNANCY RESOURCES WRONG by at least a week.

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!! (typed while stamping my foot in true tantrum style)

I know -- not a big deal, calm down Liz, have a slice of pie and chill. But when each and every week is one step closer to having a baby, and each month milestone feels like you've done something amazing like climbed Everest or run a marathon, having confusion about where you stand is irksome.

So this week, Baby E is (according to TheBump.com) the size of an eggplant. But, that could be a dirty lie, so just imagine a cute little baby, smaller than a watermelon and larger than a cantaloupe.

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