Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Photos galore

So I haven't been very good about taking photos of myself throughout the pregnancy -- which my Mom reminded me of this morning. Usually its because I've thought about doing it right before bed I climb in bed and I've already gotten "ugly" for the night, or while I'm in the car or at work or just one of those times that make it near impossible to get a photo. I know some people who take photos week by week to measure their growing girth, which I'm sure is magical to look back on "look how FAT I got in week 23 honey!!" so I'm going to make a promise here and now that I will TRY HARDER to get and post photos for the last third of my pregnancy.

As a stand-in for now, please see some of our fun family photos from Thanksgiving.
Getting ready to watch OU play OSU (as in Oklahoma, not Ohio). Luckily, Ben and I are impartial so we just got to eat good food without the stress of the game.
A little after Thanksgiving dinner at one of my favorite Tulsa restaurants, Bodean's. Apparently it is a hot spot because not only did we run into some family friends, but also my cousins!
Being silly at home -- they never did get to feel Baby E move... apparently, she feels it is rude to kick anyone other than me.

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