Monday, April 8, 2013

About Mr. B

Beckett. I don't even have words. He is already, ALREADY 19 months old. And he keeps me so busy, I haven't recorded a single thing he has done. And he has done so, so much.

I used this blog as a kind of baby book for Kate, and I look back at the year and a half since B was born and it is glaringly obvious I've been outmatched by my kids. As in, no time to write, journal, think, shower, breathe, shower, think... wait, where was I?

Ah yes. I've been remiss in sharing some of the best details of the most amazing boy I've ever met. Beckett has this smile that just lights up the world. He has never met a stranger. I mean, NEVER. He says "Hi!" and waves to nearly everyone we pass. And then, once we've walked by, he waves again and tells them goodbye.

He flirts. Indiscriminately. The ladies at the grocery store. Little girls at the playground. Moms in the gymnastics lobby. He hugs, loves, talks, waves and bats his incredibly baby blues at everyone. And melts hearts.

He has a huge vocabulary. I'm not sure how it compares to Kate at this age, but he mimics every word he hears. And his comprehension is fabulous. I love how instead of yes he says, "'Kay" or "Um hm" right before sticking those two fingers back in his mouth.

Today he said "Sorry" to Kate, unprompted for the first time. When he hits or accidentally hurts her, I always make him say sorry (and vice versa, obviously). But today in the car, when he took her water cup and dropped it instead of giving it back, she started to cry. And he, in all sweetness, gave her his beaming smile and told her, "Sorry. Sorry Katie." It melted my heart.

He calls Kate, Katie. He knows Grammy, Pops and Mimi and Papa too. He talks to Jack, makes pirate noises and loves to yell like a cowboy when he is on my old rocking horse. He can climb up and get off the bench at our dining table all by himself. And when he is told to go to his room for time out, he grins at you, walks into his room and sits on the floor. Which makes being upset with him nearly impossible.

He loves cars. And trucks. And trains. And Toy Story anything. But he also loves whatever his sister loves. So he loves pink. And princesses. And when she is playing with Barbies, he wants to be the pretty one. And he then uses the doll as a hammer or projectile... because he is so very boy. But so very innocent and sweet and unmarked by adult perception of what is a "boy" or a "girl" toy.

He loves to wear hats and sunglasses. He spent an entire morning the other day in his PJs with bunny ears on. While we went to the gym, to the store and to school to pick up Kate. He is funny. If he gets a laugh, he will do something as many times as it takes for you to stop thinking it is funny.

He is incredibly good natured. But when he is upset, he hits. And as soon as he hits, he snuggles. Its like the amount of frustration and baby need is so much that he can't help himself, and once he has lashed out he feels so bad that he just wants cuddles.

He is such a love bug. He will wrap his arms around your neck and squeeze, and it is just the best hug. He loves giving kisses, and better yet will (usually) sit still for me to kiss all over him. He says, "Love, love" or "too" to let you know he loves you. Which means, "I love you" or "I love you too."

And he loves big. When I see him and Kate together it makes my heart so happy I can barely stand it. Sure there are sibling issues some times, but there is a real, true love and bond between the two of them that I just pray will continue to deepen as they get older. Sometimes they snuggle, sometimes they wrestle, but they always love each other. And Kate. Oh my, that girl was made to be a big sister. She is so loving, so caring. I am so proud of the little girl she is becoming.

So that is about it for now. Mainly because I need to get some sleep before they wake and start me off on a whole new day of adventures. I could go on forever. I am in awe of my children and each and every day I think God for the two precious gifts I have been given.

No matter that I don't have time to shower. Showering can happen when they are grown.