Thursday, March 31, 2011

Terrible Twos and Boy Bits

When you blog regularly, posts seem to just happen. I mean, its daily life and while it may not be totally fascinating every time, it isn't too difficult to come up with regular content. I've been MIA for three months or so, and frankly, I've been putting off coming back because I truly don't know where to start.

So here is a quick recap of the last several months, edelspot style:

  1. I got pregnant. Not an oops, but more a WOW, that happened fast. I'm not going to go into details, (you perverts) but I can tell you that it involved an anniversary, an iPhone app and a bottle of RandyZin, a wine we picked up in Sonoma that practically GUARANTEES a baby.
  2. I found out I was with child while Ben was on his three week trip to India in December. I told him over Skype. His computer microphone was broken, so he mimed excitement for awhile and then I went to throw up.
  3. Exhaustion and nausea ensued.
  4. We told Kate she was getting a baby sibling. She kissed my tummy. Then kissed her tummy and told me, she TOO was having a baby. Since I'm certain she isn't a promiscuous toddler, I just assumed she CLEARLY did not understand what we were telling her.
  5. My parents got an apartment in town to be able to spend more time around Kate and the family. Every chance I get when Ben is working, Kate and I go hang out with Grammy and Pops. They may be older, but they are WAY less pregnant than I am, and therefore have more energy to follow around my tiny Energizer Bunny of a toddler.
  6. I started showing when I was around 9 weeks pregnant. I was in maternity pants by the time I was 12 weeks pregnant. I see no reason to hang on to dignity when I have all those nice stretchy pants in my closet to stuff my quickly expanding tummy into. Ahhhh, elastic.
  7. Kate turned two in March and we had a great birthday at her favorite park. It included kite flying, and you are going to think I'm lying, but Kate was the best kite flyer out of the whole group of adults. She just walked around with her tiny Barbie kite in the air, defying gravity and wacking everyone she walked past with string or kite. She didn't even TRY and it stayed up, seriously for like an hour, while the rest of us struggled to get ours off the ground.
  8. In the last few months we've seen Kate changing. She has turned into this amazing little girl. I mean, she was always pretty awesome, but now she seems so grown up to me. She is so wise, and imaginative and this truly funny ham that loves to be the center of the universe. I just can't believe some of the things that fly our of her mouth. Best. Age. Yet.  
  9. Kate ALSO turned into a two year-old, and I mean the terrible kind. Holy Hell. Where did that come from? One minute we are best friends and playing an awesome game of hopscotch when I suggest she use the pink piece of chalk and you would have thought her little perfect world had collapsed down around her in a flaming pile of dog doo. Stupid mommy, pink will not do. Not TODAY. Because apparently you forget that yesterday it was YOUR FAVORITE DAMN COLOR. 
  10. We found out that baby E2 is a boy. I'm excited and terrified all at the same time. Mainly because if it were a girl, I would, like, totally know what to do. But its not a girl, its a boy. With a penis. And other boy things that I'm not quite sure about, like burping, monster trucks and an interest in SPORTS (God help me). But, if Ben can learn to play tea party like a champ, I'm sure I'll be able to adjust. I'm just looking forward to a really fantastic, loving, momma's boy. You can't go wrong with a momma's boy.