Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm currently blogging from a stationary bike at the gym. It's the closest thing to a couch I could find here, and of I pedal slowly enough, it's like I'm basically sitting still, so it will have to do.

You may be wondering why am I at the gym in the first place, if I have no interest in working out. And it's quite simple.

I am hiding from my children.

That's right. I have come to the gym simply to use their (highly qualified... Or at least passed a background check) childcare. Don't judge. I'm tired, and if the choice is TV or social interaction, at least I chose to force them to be social. So. Mother of the Year here.

The truth is, we just got back from a family reunion and my kids are coming off the high that comes with being the centers of attention from not one, not five, but forty-two freaking family members. Meaning, my kids are being total a-holes.

However, now that I've shuttled them off for an hour or so, I need to catch up on the happenings at the Edelspot. This blog started as a way to chronicle our family when I was pregnant with Kate, and her every milestone for the first two years have been captured. I love that when someone asks me a question about her development, I can simply search the blog for an answer. It's my next-gen baby book. But if I had to rely on the blog for B's development, I'd be limited to the fact that yes, he was born. He nursed for awhile, had shark teeth and was a big freaking boy.

Hope he doesn't have too many questions for me. Because I may have to tell him we lost his "baby book" in a tragic fire. Better excuse than, "Mommy didn't blog about you because your babyhood flew by as she tried to figure out how exactly a family of four worked, and you were lucky to have clean clothes bc there was so little time for anything besides you and your sister so LAY OFF!"

Ahem. Sorry.

Anyways, I feel the need to cover off on a few major milestones, because despite my belief I will never be able to forget the beautiful moments, they do slip away.

So, Beckett started crawling the week after he turned 8 months. He is now hell on wheels. Super fast and almost always chasing after his sister. They like to body slam one another. Which gives me palpitations each time and I remind Late 50 times a day to be gentle... But he always comes back for more (boys. Who understands them??)

Beck also says Dada. And knows its Ben. I have explained to Kate that Dada is simply easier to say than mama, but Ben tends to gloat about it anyways. It's true though that B just loves his daddy.

When we went to Ohio for the family reunion, everyone nicknamed Beck Mr. Happy. And it's so true, the kid is a joy.

Kate rode her first roller coaster last week at Cedar Point. She amazes me with her lack of fear. She has handled our move beautifully. She matches into any day care/classroom like she owns the place. She walks up to kids older than her and tells them her name and asks theirs. My little three-year old has more self-assurance and social graces than half the adults I meet. My heart is full of that little, defiant, strong, awesome kiddo.

Oh, and Beck can (and will) eat anything you put in front of him. He truly seems to eat more than Kate. I keep telling her that he will be bigger than her soon, but her pickiness seems to override her fear of Beckett. The force against eating anything healthy is strong in that one.

I suppose those are the major updates. I should probably quit using this bike as my own personal lounge chair and collect the kiddos. Oh, wait, I think Ellen is going to come on TV soon. Maybe just another half hour...