Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Say cheese!

A few pictures from our new camera. Not sure if you'll be able to tell how great the quality is online, but take my word for it... the quality is GREAT. I can see every single gray hair on Jack's head and you can actually tell Dexter's fur is turning brown, unlike our other camera that makes his coat look like one black blob, not individual hairs. Which brings up an interesting point. This camera makes our cute dogs look even cuter. Chances are it will make our ADORABLE baby look even more adorable. But I'm pretty positive it can magnify UGLY too, so you won't be seeing many pictures of me with this thing. No sir-ree, I'm a behind the lens type of gal from now on. Or at least until I have the baby, lose 40 pounds, and have the energy to wear makeup again.This is Dexter's best side. He told me so, won't let me photograph his other side. He is so vain.
Still learning how to use the camera, but at least Dex's nose is in focus...

Jackson loves playing with his B. A. L. L. Which we have to spell around the house lest he hear us and have a coronary thinking he gets to go the the P. A. R. K.
Jackson does NOT appreciate being woken to the sound of a clicking camera. He prefers the sound of the opening refrigerator, but I was feeling feisty. Pretty sure if he could talk he would tell me to go F-myself for waking him up for no good reason, luckily he can't and I just assume he is thinking how pretty I look this afternoon.

And now, I'm assuming everyone reading this post can't wait for Baby E to be born so you can stop being assaulted with photos of my dogs. Because we all know, assault by baby photo is just SOOOO much better.

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