Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 17

We had our third appointment last Thursday with the doctor. Last time we went in, my doctor was delivering a baby, so I met with the other guy in the practice (who I actually liked a lot). So a few nights before the appointment, I had this weird dream that I would go in and they would introduce me to a third doctor who clearly just DID NOT KNOW JACK about having a baby.

I wasn't too far off. I just skipped seeing a doctor at all! Both doctors in the practice were doing a c-section, so I was there on my own. The nurse practictioner, who Ben and I both like a lot, told us that we didn't need to wait, this was just a routine "check my weight, my blood my pee" and go. So we ended up asking her a few questions and then scheduling our next appointment and heading out. Ben and I joke that we will want Mary (our nurse practitioner) in the delivery room because we know her best, and if she wants to bring along one of the docs - that would be okay too.

So no really big updates from the third appointment. My blood work is to determine if we have genetic markers for any of the scary diseases such as cystic fibrosis, and we should hear in a few days. The fun news is that in just a few short weeks - Ben and I will get to know if baby Edelbrock is a boy or a girl!! Now THAT is going to be a fun appointment.

Oh - this week baby Edelbrock is an onion. And is doing lots of cool stuff.

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