Thursday, October 9, 2008

Photos of myself. Fun.

So I haven't posted any personal pictures on here yet because, well, I'm not really feeling "photogenic" at the moment. Sure, being pregnant is a beautiful thing, your body is great, blah blah, but instead of feeling like a bountiful, beautiful woman, I feel like a frat guy who spent one too many nights at a keg party and have a lovely beer belly to show for it. Plus, I'm too lazy to be one of those folks who takes a picture every week. I'm lucky that I'm 16 weeks in, and I have TWO (count 'em) TWO photos of myself (gasp). I'll have Ben take an updated one this weekend, but here are the first two.

This is at around 4 weeks with my natural little belly that I have because I AM A WOMAN dang it.

And this one is 12 weeks. You'll notice, belly a little bigger - chest grown to freakish proportions. Lovely.

You'll see what I mean by beer belly when I post the 16 week-er.

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