Monday, October 13, 2008

Sweet Mr. Edelbrock

Because I was trying to not publish about my little secret until I was "out" I didn't get to share any of the funny, shocking or sweet things that happened in my first trimester. We'll be revisiting some of those stories as we go, so try not to get too confused when all of a sudden you are reading a post and it happend THREE MONTHS AGO. Just go with it.
So this post is about my incredibly sweet Mr. Edelbrock. Who, poor thing, didn't get credit for his sweetness when it happend. First - he bought a book. And even better, he read the thing. Despite being busy with work, travel and school, he found time to read "The Expectant Father" (or at least skim it and let the rest happen by osmosis). Here he is mutli-tasking and making me proud:

The next very "good-husband" moment (there are tons, but just highlighting a few) was when I got a suprise delivery of roses to my office. They were bright pink and lovely - lasted for probably two weeks which is unheard of since anything I touch immediately dies (in the plant variety that is). So, I'm ooh-ing and aah-ing over how sweet Ben was to get me flowers, but when I talked to him I was floored.

Liz: Thanks for the flowers honey - they are beautiful!!
Ben: Did you notice? There are eight flowers, for eight more months until we get to meet our baby.
Liz: (Picking up jaw off floor) That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard... and of COURSE I realized that there were eight rosebuds... (er, had no idea, didn't count the roses or look for any kind of symbolism in the flowers. It was then I realized my husband was much deeper than I am, despite his love for Family Guy and burp/fart jokes).

As evidence, please see exhibit A: Eight beautiful flowers:

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