Thursday, October 16, 2008

We have a nursery! Almost.

Well, exciting news. Ben and I have always been overachievers, so now we've gone ahead and purchased our nursery furniture a full FIVE months early. But hey -- the crib we wanted was on sale, and anyone who knows me knows that I don't easily pass up that tempting word. And not only did we BUY it, but we already RECEIVED it, as in, it is sitting in our house right this very minute.

Which, would be great except for that we can't put it together because, ahem, the manufacturer is apparently a huge cluster f*ck who routinely forgets to put instructions in their boxes. Their boxes containing CRIBS, which BABIES SLEEP IN, so, yeah, I mean -- lets just throw that shit together, who needs instructions?

Ben was so frustrated he got online to find instructions, which only fueled his anger when he found OTHER frustrated parents-to-be online complaining about the manufacturer not remembering to put instructions in THEIR boxes either (head slap).

We've requested instructions and have been instructed that they may or may not be located in the box labeled "springs" instead of the box labeled "instructions and parts" so I'll post pictures of our beautiful crib tomorrow if the "springs" box pays off. In the meantime, see below these beautifully shot photos of the crib we hope to put together some day.

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