Wednesday, October 8, 2008

16 Weeks

Well, baby Edelbrock is doing some cool stuff this week. Not just moving its ears into place like last week, but some heavy lifting, like building muscle and starting to wiggle around a lot more. OH! I also just read that it is starting to be able to hear our voices, so if you talk to me, only say nice and loving things. If you have to say something snarky, please IM, email or text me.

I haven't felt "the quickening" (baby moving) just yet, but sometimes I wonder if I have felt it and I just didn't know it. You always wonder how women can be pregnant and not know it until they deliver the baby? Well, apparently movement at first can feel just like a little gas, so I could have DEFINITELY felt him/her move already and I just didn't know it. My lucky husband.
So, here is a pic of baby Edelbrock this week - the size of an Avacado. He/she is also doing these things: Ttiny bones forming in baby's ears mean the little one can now pick up your voice. Eyebrows, lashes and hair are starting to fill in, and taste buds are forming. And, if you're interested, an ultrasound might be able to determine gender.
My next appointment is tomorrow, and I don't think we get the ultrasound to figure out if baby is a Mr. or Miss until 20 weeks, but if anything cool happens tomorrow, I'll be sure to blog it.

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