Friday, October 17, 2008

A Hard Days Night

Since I've been pregnant, I've found that my world revolves around two things: food and sleep. Which leaves little time for much else. That said, once I get off work and get fed, guess what time it is? Time to sleep, which my husband should know at this point but sometimes forgets because he is gone all week and I take four hour naps on the weekend so I can stay awake and "hang" with him until at least midnight.

So last night I got an extra special treat and Ben took me to one of my favorite restaurants, Fireside Pies. Now, the food is good, but that isn't why I love it. I love it because it has this fantastic patio, which is all enclosed and private, with outdoor heaters and a fireplace and the entire outdoors smells like roasted garlic and OH MY LORD it is a little piece of my own personal heaven.

So we have a lovely dinner and I am full, and toasty and not just a little drunk with happiness when Ben announces that we are going home and putting the crib together. I gave him a look to warn him he was ruining my buzz but he seemed to ignore it. All the way home, I kept hoping for some extreme sense of laziness to hit him (trust me, it happens sometimes) but before I could have my pants unbottoned and shoes off after we stepped through the door, he was in the nursery. Which is RIGHT NEXT TO OUR BEDROOM. And we have VERY THIN WALLS which meant I knew I wasn't getting any sleep. So I humored him and sat on the floor with him in the nursery for a good 15 minutes. And by this point, the glow I had at dinner was a distant memory and after being told to "STOP SCREWING THE SCREW I JUST TOLD YOU TO SCREW" (I'll show you screw you buddy...) I told him I was going to bed and to BE QUIET or set up the crib later.

I mean, lets be fair -- the baby isn't going to be needing it for another FIVE months anyway, was it too much to ask that I get some peace and quiet at 10:00 at night? I'm making a baby here people, its not like it is an easy task like folding laundry or filing my nails (both of which I don't really do, but it looks easy). So I lay in bed and thought evil thoughts until the crib was assembled and then pretended to be asleep so I wouldn't voice those evil thoughts, because lets face it, he was actually doing something useful and I don't want to discourage useful when so many other times I'm begging and pleading for useful.

All that said, when I saw the crib this morning I was definitely glad I'd kept my mouth shut the night before because it looks great. See for yourself -- Tada!

Also, for my own personal enjoyment, please see the huge amount of TRASH we now have in our home from the packaging the crib and dresser came in -- Tada! This guarantees we can't even put furniture in the right place in the nursery until the next bulk trash day. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Trust me...If you're nice to the garbage men, it shouldn't be an issue for them to take it. I am a garbage collector...this doesn't look like much a match for the truck.

Lisa said...

Great crib!

IzzyLizzy said...

Hey -- thanks for the tip! Hopefully I can get my boxes picked up a little earlier.