Thursday, November 13, 2008

Week 21

I'm officially one week into the second half of my pregnancy, and this week Baby E is the size of a banana. Which I find really confusing, considering the fact that last week I was carrying around a baby the size of a melon and now all I have is a wimpy banana? Maybe when my book says she is the size of a "large banana" they mean a "giant, space-alien/growth hormone banana" because THAT would make more sense to me.

So this week, Baby E is apparently starting to swallow amniotic fluid and can actually taste what I'm eating. Studies show that babies are more interested in trying foods that they recognize from the womb, so if this week is any indication, my daughter will crave cheese fondue, mini-bagel pizza, pears, Mandarin oranges and any of the ingredients in the chicken noodle casserole my husband made on Sunday that I'm STILL eating for dinner every night (he doubled the recipe and then went out of town to eat on the company card. Punk.) You'll notice a lack of veggies and protein in that line-up, which guilted me into having a salad with grilled chicken today for lunch, something I loathed the entire time I was eating.

However, something in my eating habits and cravings needs to change and FAST. Because at my doctor appointment last week, she made sure to point out that not only is baby size hereditary (no babies in my family or my husband's family under 8 pounds, I kid you not) but also a direct correlation to how much weight I gain, which means that I'm headed towards having a 15 pounds baby if I'm not careful. And for you newbies to the baby world, that is FREAKING HUGE.

My parents are currently on a health kick and Mom keeps sending me great tips about healthy recipes and eating less carbs (and cheese) but if Ben put a grilled chicken breast and steamed veggies on a plate in front of me, I'd excuse myself to the restroom and hop out a window to make an emergency McDonald's run, I kid you not. It isn't me, its the hormones, and while I like to think I'm strong willed... the hormones are stronger.

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gina said...

uh, as for the big babies...i hear you and FEEL your pain, seriously, i do. just be ready for a pain that is indescribable and think ahead about pain management, aka an epidural. jp was 10 lbs and i was 8.5 so i guess that is where flynn's 9lb 5 oz tank came from.