Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two years of AWESOME

Today is our two-year wedding anniversary (Ben did great -- gorgeous flowers delivered to my office and all) and while it feels like we've been together FOR-EV-ER, its also shocking how quickly the time has come and gone. I think part of the reason life seems to fly by is that we have a tendency to live in a constant state of change and flux. In two years, we've been married, purchased our first house and moved, I've changed jobs, Ben started his MBA program and we got pregnant. And, because Ben travels on week nights and is in class every other weekend, we only see each other probably half of the days of the year! Sometimes I look back and can't believe another week or month has gone by, but I can mark time by the fun we have together, from spending an afternoon in the hammock, to drinking too much while sitting poolside (pre-pregnancy of course) to our great tiling adventure in the guest bathroom.

And we have so much to look forward to. With the new baby on the way, I don't imagine life will slow down in any way, shape or form. We'll just keep flying by the seat of our pants as we navigate life together -- and luckily -- I think that is the way we both like it.

Last night as we sat on the couch watching TV, we were reminded just how real this whole Baby E thing is. I've been feeling her move for some time now and Ben can feel her slightly if he is very patient. But she hasn't been big enough, or powerful enough, for us to SEE her move. And last night, we got our first visual sign that there is SOMETHING IN THERE!! We realized that if we poked at her (yes, we are mean, mean parents, poking the baby) I could feel her shift around and last night we could see the movement!! My belly button (which is nearly flat at this point) would do the wave as she moved around -- it was weird, and amazing and a little like a stupid human trick to see my skin moving on its own. But WOW. I mean...

It was very, very cool. And she just keeps getting bigger, and stronger, and a little more like the young lady we will meet in just a few short months.

I keep thinking today about how fantastic these last two years with Ben have been. Sure, there has been times of trial, and stress and worry, but I've been happy, and lucky and in love. But I just can't imagine how amazing the next few years will be as Ben and I start growing our little family. We've had two years of AWESOME, and I feel blessed we have many, many more in store for us.

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Nicole said...

Hope you guys had a great anniversary! I think seeing and feeling the baby move is such a cool thing. Wait till she gets the hiccups.