Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Baby E is a GIRL!

We found out on Friday that Baby E is a girl -- and couldn't be more excited! I had to go to blog radio silence these last few days mainly because I wanted to surprise a few folks and found that I couldn't write a single sentence without gushing about "her" or "she" or any other female descriptor that would give my secret away. This is the ultrasound photo that mystically told our technician that we were having a girl. She even labeled it for us, although that doesn't really help me, and if you asked I couldn't tell if it was a boy, girl or monkey. They also changed my due date to approximately March 22, although according to them it could be "any time between the 22 or 25" or, hey, I mean, a few weeks before or after that, right? Sooooo, basically they've told me I'm having a baby in late March or early April. Whew, glad we figured that out.
All in all, the doctor appointment went great and it was so much fun to see Baby E. I had been advised to have some caffeine before I went in -- people said it would be the best way to see her move -- but I must have overdone it a bit because she was having a major dance party down there and we got crap photos because she wouldn't hold still. It was amazing to see her though. Also, it was great because my Mom came to the appointment with me so we got to share a pretty freaking special moment.

Anyways, as soon as Mom and I found out it was a girl, we knew what we had to do and booked it out of there. And we shopped. It was what we were born to do.

And OMG it is so much fun to shop for a little girl. The first thing I did was go out and purchase the bedding I've had my eye on. I just fell in love with this pattern and I knew, deep in my heart of hearts, that Baby E wouldn't sleep or thrive in a room decorated with any other bedding. Thank goodness I got the LAST SET. I may have had a full-on brain meltdown right there in the store if they had been out of stock. Not that I'm going to be crazy about my little girl or anything. NOOOOOOOOOOO. Just that, you know. Baby E needs to sleep and thrive and stuff, right?

Here is a picture of the big-girl bed set up (same quilt/sheets/pattern) but a better photo than what they have online for the crib set. Pretty darn cute -- right? So here is the skinny -- there isn't a mobile that goes with this bedding, so if you are Web surfing out there with little to do, we (and by we, I mean me, b/c seriously? Ben doesn't really have the passion for this bedding that I do) are seeking a kick-ass mobile with either birds, owls or trees (or other outdoor creatures) in this color palatte. Person who finds the winning mobile gets my eternal love and gratitude, and if the stock market picks up, a $10 finders fee (OOOOOO!) Special marks to the person who can find the "Blabla big birds" mobile on sale somewhere.



Kirsten said...

What about that huge tree in the picture? Are you looking to add that to her room? It really completes it you know. :) I love it all! Congrats again!!

gina suther said...

uh, can i tell you how much i love the blabla line...flynn has 2 dolls he loves them that much, er i love them that much

Melody said...

Congrats Liz. Little girls are the best....although I got to tell you that shopping changes at first. I can't fit into anything so of course Cersei gets more clothes. I see play dates in the future! : )