Friday, September 24, 2010

At my table

This morning at breakfast, as we both enjoyed our first cup of coffee and Kate threw her pineapple to the dogs, Ben casually said, "So, I measured my tongue the other day..."

Which in most NORMAL households would elicit a rather dumbfounded response. But in our household? At our breakfast table? I simply asked how he measured it. Like, with a ruler? And from where, like, did you stick the ruler as far back in your mouth as you could? I'd think that would make you gag.... I was assured that the proper measurement of a tongue is from your lips to the tip as far as you can stick it out, NOT from the back of your throat as one my think.

Hm. I nodded as I finished my coffee. Made sense to me.


Annie said...

and how long was it?

Brittney said...

This might be exactly like my breakfast table, lol. Good to know we're not the only "special" ones out there!

Nikki - Lilybug_Designs said...

Is this not normal breakfast conversation? Haha. Wait to hear about our dinner conversation we had the other night.