Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The public humiliation diet

Recently, my husband shared with me a new diet he wanted to try, courtesy of Drew Magary over at DeadSpin. It was accurately titled The Public Humiliation Diet. And it was awesome.

If you've been following my exploits since pregnancy, you may remember my upward climb into the LBS during pregnancy. You may also have noticed a lack of discussion regarding a downward descent of said weight since Kate was born 14 months ago. That is because I have simply not lost the weight. I'm chubby. None of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit, and I haven't taken a picture of myself that I've liked since week 20 of pregnancy. It SUCKS.

And the worst part is, its my fault. I know it. I quit going to the gym early on because I was uncomfortable with the daycare there. I don't take Kate on a ton of walks because she basically loses her shit every time she has to sit in a stroller for more than five minutes and her screaming and thrashing around makes me feel like I'm about to have a stroke. I eat crap because my toddler likes mac and cheese and I'm just supposed to, like, WASTE GOOD CARBS AND CHEESE? No, you suck it up and take one for the team by finishing what is on her plate. Well, you do if you are an overweight carb addict.

Yeah, its my fault, but I don't have to like it.

So the other day, Ben is reading me this post about shaming yourself into losing weight, and I'm all -- yes, YES! I DO respond to shame! I CARE what others think about me! This diet freaking HAS MY NAME ON IT! So today, in front of all of you, I begin my humiliation diet. Now, to be frank, I'm doing my own version, because, like, this article was written by a dude and every woman worth her salt knows a dude can go about losing weight in a MUCH different way. Like, all he has to do is LOOK at a turkey sandwich instead of a meatball sub for lunch and he is down 5 pounds. Which is, by the way, a total load of... you know what. But I digress.

Each week, I will be posting my current weight and details about how my diet is going. Little tips that have worked for me, etc. Some weeks I may slip, and I'm charging all of you to hold me accountable. Call me names, degrade me, whatever works for you. My goal is to get down to at least 140 pounds, so keep it coming until I get there.

Week 1: 158 lbs.

Wish me luck!


Nikki - Lilybug_Designs said...

You can do it! I am also trying to get the last of the pregnancy weight to melt off and it just isn't happening. I'm guessing the chocolate cake I ate yesterday didn't help matters. I'm with you on this though and will be trying to lose the weight too!

BeagleBaby said...

oh well Crap!!!! you weigh less then I did when I found out I was pregnant! AGGG The strange thing is I am losing weight... how is that? Only 5 pounds but still! I haven't even been sick! (yet) Started my second tri this week.

BUT THE POINT IS I STILL WEIGHED MORE! If you lost 10 pounds you would be at an ideal weight! lol I just knew that you where going to say that the humiliation part of this diet was to put Kate in a stroller and run! :) Hugs and Kisses!

Anonymous said...

You can do it!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever will get you motivated! I've found that with kids, the only way I can guarantee any form of exercise is to get up early in the morning and get it done.

It also makes me feel so much better the rest of my day!