Tuesday, February 3, 2009

33 weeks and growing

As promised (a week or so ago) here is the latest belly photo. As you can see, I'm the size of a small air ship and no surprise but my doctor just about fell out of her chair when she saw how much weight I had gained over the last three weeks. Apparently, I'm some kind of super-human eating machine. Neat.

When I tried to explain that I normally have my appointments first thing in the morning before breakfast, and today my appointment fell just after lunch so that might add to the total weight gain, she just looked at me and asked if my lunch salad had possibly weighed 10 pounds.


I acted so baffled by the weight gain, she took pity on me and shared with me how I might THINK I'm eating healthy, but really not. As in, I might eat a WHOLE banana, but really, because of the sugar content, I should limit myself to HALF a banana each time I sit down to eat one. I should drink skim milk, and cut juice out of my diet.

At this point, I realize that if those are her suggestions, I probably AM responsible for my weight gain and should just own up to it. Nope, sorry doc, its not those late night apple juice cravings or sneaking one whole banana at a time that is doing this to me. Its more the cookies, brownies, cakes and doughnuts that are turning me into a female Jabba the Hut.

I mean, last week when Ben was in class, I had a Cinnabon for dinner for God's sake. A CINNABON.

As punishment, I'm forcing myself to go to yoga tonight, and then I'm going to eat something miserable, like a Lean Cuisine. And then I'm going to cry myself to sleep.


Heather of the EO said...

I was tiny before I got pregnant. Both pregnancies I gained 50-60 lbs.

Now, I'm not back to my once comfortable-in-a-bikini body. The stretching skin will never make that possible. But I did lose the weight.

It's okay, is what I'm trying to say. Some of us just pack it on no matter what when pregnant. I ate things like cinnabons sometimes too, but mostly I just ate more than usual (even of healthy stuff) Our bodies tell us what we need. And most of it really is fluids. So there, doc!

You look great. You really do.

BeagleBaby said...

Liz! I know the doc has tell you what she thinks is the right thing but you really do look great! Try having soap - I have a great one with butternut squash that is very filling! Or try Campbell's Select Harvest... Roasted Chicken w/Rotini and Penne Pasta. It is only 110 (x2) still not a lot of calories. The sodium is low compared to others, and no msg!

And if you only had a cinnabon for dinner then you actual had less calories then if you would have had a whataburger with fris and a coke... lol

Miss you!

jessie n said...

Oh Liz, I love you! Any names yet for the little one? When is the due date again?
Take care of yourself! Go for those cinnabons too!

Nikki said...

I seriously think you should have found a doctor that has been pregnant before. They have no idea unless they've done it. I swear I don't think I got one comment from my doctor about gaining weight. Just think about how much incentive you'll have to get back to your pre-baby body with the trip to the beach coming up in July. I know my incentive to getting my body back after having Lily was being in your wedding.