Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blogging from my closet

So tonight in Dallas there are severe thunderstorms and tornado watches/warnings all over the place. Which is fine, except I grew up in Oklahoma where tornado watches/warnings nearly ALWAYS lead to actual tornadoes, so I'm a bit twitchy whenever I see the little alerts show up on the bottom of my evening programming. Throw in my pregnancy, a little leftover illness and the fact that the tornado sirens actually WENT OFF in our neighborhood and you get my current situation... blogging from the closet while my annoyed but defeated spouse and two dogs sleep in awkward and uncomfortable positions.

I would write something pithy here about my over reacting to the situation and how it could JUST NOT GET WORSE, but last time I complained about something semi-uncomfortable, God leaned over with the ungrateful stick and smacked me with more illness and misery than I had thought possible.

Last week when I blogged about being sick, I thought I was really pretty sick. The joke was on me, when just HOURS later I got "oh THIS is sick" sick, which means a fever, and what I thought was near and certain death. Panic-y calls to my OB-GYN, a handful of tylenol, two gatorades, several gargles with salt water and a torture device where you spray OCEAN water in one nostril and let it come out the other later, and it was clear I wasn't dying, but I should never EVER back-talk modern medicine again.

So, I've learned my lesson and I'm just throwing out there to the Internet that I'm blogging from my closet... and LOVING it.
My poor husband who has a flight out of Dallas tomorrow morning at SIX a.m. trying to get some sleep because his crazy, panic stricken and pregnant wife insisted he hunker down in the closet. Lucky he can sleep anywhere, so I think he's good until morning.

Jack and Dex are just excited that they have someone sleeping with them on the floor. Well, Dex is. Jack keeps just slightly opening his lids to give me the stink-eye before going back to sleep.

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BeagleBaby said...

lol! Here in Midland the winds do blow and they blew the storms right up to you!
I being from OK can understand and have had in years past a basket of supplies stored in the hall closet ready for spring! You know, extra meds, socks and shoes, flash light, radio, and stuff for the dogs! You never know what really might happen, and I would rather be safe then sorry.

Ben! I am so proud of you! My husband would not get in the closet inless he saw it heading toward the house! And from all the storms we have had - waiting till you see it isn't a wise idea! Plus I am sure she felt more safe having you in the closet with her!