Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The big easy (chair)

When I was four weeks and one day pregnant, we found out we were having a baby. On the day that I was four weeks and THREE days pregnant, we went baby shopping for the first time and Ben and I spent hours looking at nursery furniture and rockers. And since that day, approximately 26 weeks ago, we have been shopping for the perfect chair for the nursery. I have never in my life had a more stressful purchasing decision.

Nursery furniture? Piece of cake. Bedding? Found it like THAT. Toys, clothes, etc.? It is just all so adorable, I'll take it all. But rocker.... oh, the elusive rocker.

You see, Ben and I had a shared vision of what a rocker/glider should be. It should be big, comfortable, overstuffed and one of those chairs that you can actually sleep in. It should have a foot stool so you actually can lay out while rocking the baby, and it should be cute (obviously) so it makes the nursery cuter.

We tried chair after chair. We narrowed it down to the perfect chair (agreed upon by the both of us) and literally had our credit cards out to buy it when a warning bell went off in my head. It was an AWFULLY big chair. And our nursery is AWFULLY small. We went home to measure, and sure enough... if we bought the chair, we could give up walking around the nursery because it would consume all the extra floor space. Awesome.

So back to the drawing board. We tried more chairs. They failed us miserably. We tried wooden rockers with cushions and Ben whined. We tried recliners, and my 6'6" husband wouldn't fit in them. We probably went to the same two stores every other weekend for 10 weeks, trying the same chairs over and over, like something would have changed in that time. Nothing.

Then, a Christmas miracle (well, closer to New Year's, but I'm not sure if there are New Year's miracles, so maybe it was a holdover from Christmas) -- we FOUND THE CHAIR. It was a new model, and although we'd tried it previously, we hadn't given it much of a chance because we were so disillusioned by the whole search. But it was perfect. Ben fit in it, I loved it, it was in our price range (thanks to a generous gift from Ben's family) and it was, well, pretty adorable. Throw a few pillows on it and taa-daa, the perfect chair for our nursery.

We snapped it up, as well as a cute little side table we found the same weekend and now have a little more of our nursery put together. Check it out -- the perfect (for us) nursery chair from Best Chairs.
More pics of the nursery to come as we get it put together. This weekend our big purchase was a mattress, so get excited for that one!

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jessie n said...

Hey girl! Love the chair, a recliner is the best way to go, we have truly used ours with both girls! And yes I agree it's an important choice for the nursery. Email me at jnance@quiensabe.net please!!! We have so much to catch up on.