Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I've been busy - OKAY??

So I know, I send out an email to friends and family telling them to check the blog a few times a week, and that is officially the last time I post for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. I've been properly chastised by myself, plus there is a good chance no one actually reads this, so who is missing anything anways?

Work has jumped up and kicked my rear these past few weeks, and I've been in Chicago and New York for various activities with only one day between to wash the two dresses and one pair of pants that actually fit me. I'm exhausted and at some point during the last two weeks, broke out in a mysterious rash on my arms, which I either attribute to cheap hotel soap or stress - either one, its a pain.

Add the rash to the heart burn and bloat I'm currently sporting and I am LOVING pregnancy. I had lunch with my boss today and she mentioned that she had a really good pregnancy -- no heart burn, no morning sickness, and she hadn't even gained that much weight! I wanted to kick her under the table or drop food in her lap -- I guess you could call me a bad sport.

Excuse me, I'm going to eat a few Tums and get back to work now.

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