Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A room fit for a clown

There is something about baby decor that just screams tacky to me. Don't get me wrong, it also screams "I'M SO FREAKING ADORABLE IT HURTS" but still, smiling animals, cars with faces, puffy alphabet letters... just not my style. Kate's bedding (at least in my eyes) was the perfect mix of modern patterns, vintage style and a few owls/birds tossed in for infant friendliness. Add on the amazing paintings my sister-in-law did to match and I loved her nursery. I loved it so much I bought the same pattern quilt for her twin-sized bed she DOESN'T EVEN OWN YET. Because I VERY rarely like something I've purchased two years after the fact. Usually it only takes me a week to become disgusted with a purchase, so when I was still giving it goo-goo eyes a full 730 days later, I KNEW it was the right pick.

With that kind of love for a first nursery, I knew finding the right bedding/style for E2 was going to be a bit more of a problem. Boy stuff is just HARD for some reason. I think its because while I want to avoid the really cutesy stuff out there, I also didn't really want to cover his bed in skull and cross-bones or focus on a sport. Because while my husband is a great basketball player, I have very little to offer in the sports department, so lets be honest. This kid has a 50/50 chance of sucking at organized sports but being KILLER at, say, reading and dripping sarcasm.

After much searching, I finally found a bedding I really liked. I mean, I didn't fall in love with it, but I really liked it. And then, then I got THE VISION. Something about the bedding reminded me of a circus, which I thought would make a really cool room. And on that day, an obsession was born.

Because as much as you think a circus SOUNDS like a kid thing, apparently it isn't. Finding circus decor for the room started to become a daily source of indigestion for me. There just isn't a lot of it out there. Enter my amazingly talented in-laws and a few random Amazon purchases and the room is (nearly) complete! There are still some knick-knacks, wall decals and miscellaneous items I need to pick up (circus piggy bank is on its way as we speak), but I'm kind of a procrastinator and the room likely won't be totally done until after I have the baby. And by then its too late to pat myself on the back for his nursery because I will be all sleep deprived and cranky.

Behold the amazing drapes my mother-in-law made for us. They are 3D big-top drapes, and they totally make the room. Because we left the walls neutral, we really needed some color to pop and these do a great job of bringing the whole theme together. The quote on the wall is a Dr. Seuss quote "A person's a person no matter how small."
This painting was done by my very talented sister-in-law. She has a craft blog that you should check out some time for great tutorials, ideas and art:
The bedding is "Mod Dot" by Skip Hop. The sheet is a little boring so I'm also looking for a blue and a red sheet to add some more color to the room.

I used the Dr. Seuss book "Circus McGurkus" to create artwork for this wall over the changing table. It is hard to see, but I love the illustrations.


Nikki - Lilybug_Designs said...

It looks so cute all put together! I love it.

Emily and J.B. said...

SO cute, Liz! With Wyatt, I wanted animals - JB wanted sports. I actually found a bedding that had safari animals playing sports HAHA. Boys' stuff seems so limited but you have found a totally adorable and original idea! {pat on the back, momma!}

Jennifer Moore said...

Looks awesome! Love the curtain and name art. I think circus is a great theme for a boy. I actually used it as the theme for Jessica's first birthday party.

Brittany said...

Is there any way I can have your mother in law make me curtains like this? I have been searching forever to find something exactly like this!