Sunday, July 31, 2011

The mouth of babes

One of the best things about having a two and a half year old around the house is what comes out of her mouth. Not only is Kate's vocabulary getting more expansive each day, but she is beginning to really ask relevant questions, create coherent thoughts and just in general say things that make me laugh, cry or roll my eyes. Not to mention cringe, because lets be honest, toddlers are not equipped with a filter.

A few recent "Kate-isms" include gems such as:
  1. In the restroom at the movie theater, said extremely loudly about someone in the ONLY OTHER STALL: "Mom, someone is over there, and they are POOPING"
  2. Sitting in the car at the gas station after I told her that Daddy was going to get some gas: "Oh boy. Mommy, I LOVE gas"
  3. What she screams as she flees back to me after running up to a large black woman in the aisle of a store: "HELP! Mommy, a MONSTER!!"
  4. While playing pretend with two Minnie Mouse dolls in the back seat: "I'm sorry I scared you Minnie." "That is okay, you are my best friend."
  5. Following my instructions for her to "Settle down you little hellion!" she says: "I'm not a hellion, I'm Kate Edelbrock."
  6. After running up to me and grabbing me around my thighs, with her face about crotch level: "Ew mommy, stinky!" (I feel a need to explain here, but... sigh)
  7. When I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up: "A big sister."
  8. On her way home from school one day: "I want jelly beans." I told her we didn't have any. "Miss Kristy (her teacher) has jelly beans. And chickens. I want to go to Miss Kristy's house. Jelly beans and chickens. OH BOY."
  9. At the end of our week with family at the beach, we asked her what her Aunt's name was. When we told her (again) it was Aunt Annie, she walked up to her and said, "Hi, nice to meet you" and shook her hand.
  10. When Kate was having a hard time going to sleep, Ben went in and checked on her: "Daddy, Dallas Texas is NOT safe."
  11. When Ben farted (sorry honey) loudly on the sofa, she looks at him and says: "Daddy, you need to poopy?"

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Jennifer Moore said...

I love kidisms and I think this is a terrific way to document them. You can bring out these gems again at her wedding. :)