Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My little Sassy Diva

Yesterday, Kate and her friend Emme had their first spa day together. This included the first haircut for both as well as the first manicure. We ended up going to some place called Sweet and Sassy, which is a shop and salon for young girls that looks like a glitter fairy threw up on everything. Obviously Kate was beside herself as she ran around the salon, picking up (fake) miniature dogs stuffed in purses, rainbow lollipops and sparkly cosmetics shaped like jewelry. 

The experience was hilarious, over-the-top and so fun to watch as the girls got their day of beauty. You could see how grown-up Kate felt getting her hair and nails done and I felt really lucky to be able to give her such a special first. 

Kate had her very own (purple) salon chair for her haircut. She was still a little small though, so they put her in a kind of patent-leather sparkly booster. Smart, because it was functional while not losing the tackiness (I mean, AWESOMENESS) of the experience. 
And of course, a matching purple cape. Which said...
"Sassy Diva"
We didn't take much length off, rather just evened up all her baby wispy hair. In fact, it doesn't look all that much different. But I couldn't bring myself to have them chop off too much at first. Even though Kate has my hair and I know from years of torture that long hair is not in the cards for her.
Such a big girl. This smile melts my heart, I just love her so much. My little Sassy Diva.
After the haircut, the woman doing her hair let Kate make a series of decisions to finish up her 'do. Kate got a little side pony-tail, glitter spray, strawberry scented spray and some stars "tattooed" on her cheeks with glitter dust. Faaaaancy.
Next the girls got to pick out their nail polish colors. Luckily, most of the REALLY tacky shades were a little higher than they could reach. 
Bright. But luckily Kate changed her mind 20 more times before settling on a color.

Emme and Kate first get (another) scented spray for their hands. Not sure what this was for, except to maybe gag the two pregnant Moms watching this whole process go down, but the girls seemed to like it.
Close-up of the stars on Kate's cheek. Too bad you can't see the rad glitter sprayed all over Kate's mane. By the time we were done, we were ready to hit a dance club. And yes, I was the victim of some accidental glittering as well. You couldn't avoid it in that place, it was on every surface of the salon!
What does a manicure for a two-year-old include? Well, a little filing, some glitter lotion on the hands, some heart-shaped confetti like stickers all over the arms, actual nail polish and then a shape (purple heart for Kate) painted on each thumb nail. Which lasted, oh, five seconds before Kate rubbed it off while admiring it.
All in all, it was a great morning. Two really happy (and sparkly) little girls, two proud and SUPER pregnant mommas.  What a fun day.


Nikki - Lilybug_Designs said...

I love it! I can see the excitement in her face.

Jennifer Moore said...

That is so awesome. It looks like Kate and Emme had a fabulous time. I'll have to see if there is a place like that in Austin.