Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nice to (virtually) meet you

Today's quick post is a little, "Nice to meet you" to anyone who is coming over from I'm featured this month on the blog's December Push and am hoping to make some nice (or not nice, whatever) new friends along the way. For my old bloggy friends (yes YOU the one who has been reading since I got all knocked up and stuff), take a second to pop over and check out -- the author, Brittney, posts great recipes, how-tos, pictures of puppies (seriously, who doesn't love puppies?) and I'm pretty sure she doesn't have as bad of a potty mouth as I do. So it might be a refreshing change.

In the spirit of getting to know one another better, I'm posting links to a few of my high (or low) lights from the edelspot. Such gems like,

You can't get off the crazy train
My baby the drunk ox
Good parenting 101
When Kate met formula
Kate's most important milestone
The spoken word
Ten things you don't care to know about me

Enjoy, and nice to (virtually) meet you all!

1 comment:

BeagleBaby said...

LIZ! I had almost forgotten about the bait and switch! Poor Kate! I could so see Kelsey acting the same way if I where to take her off breast milk! She looks like a woodpecker and then opens her mouth crinkles her noise and makes a noise like she is going to bite the whole boob off then lunges fwd! It's so funny! I wish I could take photos and show everyone but not sure I want my breast out and about! lol