Friday, June 5, 2009

My baby is cooler than your baby

So, I'll admit it. I used to be one of those people that sneered at parents who had those bumper stickers on their cars, the ones that announced their child was an honor student, or some similar achievement. I always gave a mental high-five to the parents with the "My kid can kick your honor student's ass" bumper stickers, giving points for humor, humility and honesty about their offspring's real talents.

But now, I totally understand the "my kid is the smartest, greatest, most intelligent child on the planet... and really adorable to boot" mentality. And the need to shout it from the rooftops (or from the blogosphere). So where do I sign up for the "My baby is cooler than your baby" bumper sticker? Truly, I'm ready to slap that puppy on the window and go for a drive.

This week (Monday, June 1 to be exact) Kate rolled over for the first time. I was on the floor with her during tummy time, and my mom was watching us while talking on the phone and when it happened, we both just looked at each other like "Did Kate just roll over?" I was flabbergasted that it happened so quickly and with so little fan fair. I am not sure what I expected, but something along the lines of a marching band crashing through our living room seemed appropriate.

This just felt like such a momentous achievement. My mom was fairly certain it was an accident and took Kate by surprise as much as it did us. But then she did it again the next night. And by the time Ben was back in town, Kate would flip over nearly seconds after being put on her tummy. She never liked tummy time anyways, and now she realized that by just raising up on her arms and flinging her big ol' noggin over with reckless abandon she could end tummy time quickly.

Genius, thy name is Kate.

And while I pat myself on the back for having perhaps the smartest child of all time, I realize that all parents feel this way. And I realize that rolling over at 10 weeks doesn't necessarily put Kate up for a Nobel Prize. And yes, for all you other mothers out there, I also realize that my baby probably really isn't cooler than your baby. Not to you anyways. But you have to be honest. At those moments when you are staring at your amazing little human who completely BLOWS YOUR MIND with each new day, you KNOW you are thinking it too.

My baby is TOTALLY cooler than your baby.

And no, we don't have video of this achievement just yet. We were in Tulsa with the grandparents and of course left the camera back at home. Because that is just what you do, you buy a video camera to capture all those momentous occasions and then you never have it with you when you need it.


gina said...

yes- you are baby is cooler than yours :)

Anonymous said...

How cool, Liz! When can we see this Genius? Is she up for a mini road trip? We all want her autograph!