Friday, April 24, 2009

A love letter

To my Kate,

One month ago you came into our lives and completely changed everything. From the moment I saw you, I was flooded with an intense love. And in the short time since that moment, we’ve learned so much about you and about ourselves. Each week brings a new story, a new lesson, a new level of patience.

There are so many memories, small and momentous moments, that I will never forget. The first time I heard you coo, the first time you locked eyes with me. Staying up all night holding you because you couldn’t sleep anywhere but in our arms. The way you smile and how you stretch with your arms over your head every time you wake. I love the look you get on your face and the sound you make when you are getting ready to eat. I love how peaceful you are when you sleep.

You make me laugh daily and you bring such joy to our home. And when you cry, my heart literally hurts.

In this one month, you have blown every expectation I had about being a parent. It has been so much harder, so much more rewarding and so much more humbling than I ever imagined. And while I can’t even begin to imagine what the future will bring, I look forward to every single moment I spend with you.

All my love,


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Meghan said...

This is so beautiful Liz - congrats again - you are missed... xoxo