Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kate's productive morning

Newborns do not do much, but what they do, they do extremely well. This was impressed upon me this morning when in the first hour of her day, Kate did the following:

  1. Had an extremely wet diaper.
  2. Ate breakfast.

  3. Threw up said breakfast all over clean onesie for the day.

  4. Pooped. Big time.

  5. Was hungry due to previously mentioned cookie tossing, so ate again.

  6. Pooped again. Even bigger time. So big that second onesie for the day was rendered a casualty of the "blowout."

  7. While getting changed into THIRD outfit of the morning, spit up some of second breakfast all over her changing pad.

  8. Worn out from all her eating, pooping and spitting up, passed out in her bouncy for what will (I'm assuming) be a good nap after the busy morning she had.

As for myself, I just have aspirations of getting a cup of coffee before the afternoon begins.

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