Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still alive (sort of)

Hi there. Hey. Remember me?

Yeah. We are alive over here. And I know I've begun just about every post this way, but I haven't blogged in awhile because we are, like, uh, TOTALLY BUSY AND IMPORTANT.

Scratch that. The important part anyway. We are just busy, and I'm, LE TIRED because I haven't adjusted to having two children needing me EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY WAKING HOUR FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY I JUST NEED TEN MINUTES TO MYSELF PLEEEEEEASEEEEEEEEE.


Sorry. Anyways, you may be asking, "Well, Liz, what (besides having two extremely busy children demanding your every waking hour) have you been doing these last few months?"

And I would tell you that we:

Listed, and sold, our old home (sniff)
Celebrated Kate's third (THIRD!!!!) birthday in grand style
Went on a family ski trip
Visited family for Easter
Continued to unpack boxes in our new house because we STILL have boxes to go through (sigh)

So, yep. That is about it. I write this just so I can actually start some in-depth posts again without a completely confusing everyone, so get ready for some really juicy Edelspotting in the next few hours (or days, or weeks. Whatever, because I haven't been able to finish a conversation since Beckett was born, let alone write an entire post uninterrupted and I don't want to make any promises here).

So anyways, here we go again!

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