Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fishing for compliments

I've recently been reminded why fishing for compliments, especially with one's spouse, can be a bad idea. This happened after meeting a couple in our neighborhood who were also having a kiddo in August. They were out walking (exercising). We were (obviously) NOT exercising, but instead watching our daughter spin in circles in the front yard and taking bets on whether she would puke when she was done, or just fall down.

Ben: I need to start walking with you. We should make that a "thing" like last time you were pregnant. You know, walking, you getting exercise.

Oh, yeah, chasing a two-year old isn't exercise at all. Good thing I have you to help me "work out" 

Me: Yeah, it would be good for me to get out and walk more.

Ben: Man, that is crazy she is due the same day as you.

I'm due seven days later, but whatever, this seems close enough so I'll give him the point.

Me: Yep, that is pretty crazy.

Still focusing on the "you need to work out" thing and feeling slightly insulted/insecure in my belly-ness. I'll let him redeem himself here.

Me: Do you think she looked better than me?

LOADED QUESTION. Do. Not. Get. This. Wrong.

Ben: No

Good man.

Ben: I mean, she was smaller than you.

Wait. WHAT?

Ben: I mean, she had a smaller frame.

As in, I'm NORMALLY fatter than exercise lady, so I can't help being fatter in pregnancy??

Ben: And this is her first kid.

So, since I'm already a mom its OKAY that I'm fatter?

Ben: Plus, she was wearing work out clothes, you know, tighter fitting, instead of a big flowing dress.

But I'm not wearing a dress! I'm wearing pretty tight fitting jeans. I don't understand what is happening here? Where is my compliment? Where is my "You look fantastic honey" or "You are the most beautiful pregnant person I've ever seen." WHERE IS IT?!

Me: But... (insert bewildered and wild stare here) I'm not even WEARING a big flowing dress...

Ben: Yeah, but you know what I mean.

What?! What do you MEAN?? No I don't know WHAT YOU MEAN.

Me: Um...

Alternating between crying inside and imagining my fist in his face. Must. Seem. Non-Hormonal...

Me: Sooooooo, what's for dessert?


Nikki - Lilybug_Designs said...

Bahaha. Men notoriously suck at weight comments.

Jennifer Moore said...

Don't let him get you down. I think you look fantastic (based on 4 week old pics you put in the previous post). Men can just be idiots.

K. Elizabeth said...

I'm a huge soda drinker, but tried to limit myself to 1 soda a day during my pregnancy. I asked my husband to stop and get me a Dr. Pepper at this gas station right by his school that had the most amazing crushed ice. He brought home the drink and I tasted it. I said, "This is diet. Why did you bring me diet?" Needless to say he insisted it wasn't diet, just maybe a malfunction of the soda machine. I knew better. Later that night during our prayers, he said, "Please let Karen forgive me for getting her Diet Dr. Pepper today." I slugged him in the arm. He never did it again. ;)