Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby E2: Week 22/23

I haven't posted a lot about this pregnancy. Mainly because its been so routine and, frankly, I said it all the first time around. Yes, I still hate being pregnant, but yes, I'll suck it up because I'm fairly certain the whole stork bringing a baby thing was a mean-spirited myth meant to give future mothers hope that they could have a bundle of joy without their bodies being wrecked by an invading army (i.e. baby) for nine months.

Lying jerks.

Anyways, I'm currently 22/23 weeks along now. I give an estimate because frankly, I'm even a little confused about how far along I am. Baby measures big, not sure exact date I'm due, blah, blah, but I CAN tell you I am past the half way mark in my pregnancy and very large in size.

I can also tell you that being pregnant a second time is much less stressful than the first go around. While there are still worries in the back of my mind (will this baby be healthy, will he run for president someday?), I don't find myself flipping out with every new symptom of pregnancy. I mainly roll my eyes and go, "Oh, yeah, forgot how bad THIS SUCKED."

I've also gained less weight than a hippo this time around. Which is a bonus, but then again, I JUST got my appetite back from a pretty sick first trimester and I gained more in the last month than I gained in my entire first three months, but, you know... whatevs. I'm trying not to go totally out of control this time, but lets be honest. This is the LAST time I'm EVER going to be pregnant, so might as well enjoy the ride, am I right?!

In more recent news, little boy E2 is a mover and a shaker. I told Ben that I could literally feel him squirming at 13 weeks. At about 20 weeks, he was kicking hard enough that Ben could feel him. And while I can't get Kate to sit still long enough to feel him yet, I can't wait to let her feel her baby brother moving. Because she certainly isn't tying this all together just yet. I need a book. Or a movie. Because "Your little brother is in mommy's tummy" isn't cutting it.

And in, just this week news, the sleeplessness has kicked in. Yay for trying to be patient with an impatient two-year-old on very little sleep. I mean, double Yay! Every morning from about 3:30-5:30 I'm up, futzing around on my iPhone and willing myself back to sleep. Some of it is baby E2 kicking me awake, and some of it is the typical stress and anxiety of pregnancy. But all of it sucks, and I'm ready to sleep through the night again. In what, oh, three years (sigh)?

I keep promising myself I'll upload photos of the belly soon, but that would require TAKING photos, so we'll just see when that happens. But in the meantime, just imagine me. Ten pounds heavier, with all ten of those pounds located in my belly, hips and thighs. Ahhh, an image of beauty is coming to mind... is it not?


My Diaper Diaries said...

Hey Mamma,
I can only type a quickie here as I am pumping and being jumped on my 2 other toddlers!!
However, I just stumbled on to your blog which I plan on giving some serious time to tonight... I would love for you to read mine when you have a moment.... it'll make you laugh as a pregger. I am a 4x vet. lol

Congrats on your bump and you baby.

love and light,


Jennifer Moore said...

Liz, I'm sure if you were to post a current pic, it would be an image of beauty. All pregnant women are gorgeous even if they don't feel that way.