Monday, March 2, 2009

Week 37: A Wish for Santa

Today marks the start of week 37 for me and Baby E. For my troubles, I received a massive kick in the ribs this morning as a wake-up call and then for good measure, a little bouncing on the bladder. Apparently Baby E is a morning person.

This Thursday, I FINALLY get to go in to see the doctor again. Most everyone I know goes to see their OB-GYN every week from 35 weeks on, but not my practitioner. OH NO, she apparently is getting no "it could happen early" vibes from me, so I'm still on the every two weeks cycle. Which is completely FREAKING ME OUT. Because, how do I know that I'm not totally dialated and ready to have this kid? In fact, she even has me scheduled with her colleague this week instead of with her. Apparently, she doesn't feel the need to see me, since, you know, I have, like, a FULL TERM BABY INSIDE ME.

I'm almost hoping my doctor's colleague is on call for my delivery instead of my doctor anyways. Her colleague in the practice has been named top OB-GYN in Dallas for like, 30 years running. He is extremely calm and comes across very caring, lovable and father-like. And, I don't know why this delights me so much, but he has this great tuft of gray chest hair that peeks out of the tops of his scrubs. His eyes even twinkle. Seriously, they TWINKLE. Its like if Santa Clause decided that delivering gifts to ungrateful children everywhere was no longer fulfilling, and he decided instead to care for the vaginas of the world. Now THIS is a man I could have deliver my child. I'm thinking of asking for his on-call schedule and by sheer willpower having Baby E while he is working.

But until that day, Baby E and I are just trucking along. Ben and I are almost positive she's dropped, which is something that typically happens to first time moms soon up to a few weeks before the birth. Ben says my belly looks lower, which I can sort of see, but MY telltale sign that she is lower is my need to run to the bathroom every 20 minutes since she is using my bladder as a recliner. Oh, the joys!

A few pictures so you can marvel at the week 37 belly. The OMFG HUGE week 37 belly.


jessie said...

It's just as well you don't know how far you've progressed because then you'll just think about how come you haven't had the baby yet! I walked around at a 3 almost 4 for three weeks and still had to be induced. Baby E will be here before you know it and it will be wonderful! Less sleep but still wonderful all the same.
Love ya!

Leala said...

See? I knew you liked Santa as much as I did. Now Baby E will love Christmas like I do!

I know that wasn't the point of the story, but now you see the extent of my love of the holiday.

mimi said...

I can't believe that ZuZu is about to have her "coming out" party!! Where did the time go? Get lots of sleep and read all the books that you can. Soon your life will be filled with Mommy things and you will wonder what you did with your time before your sweetie arrived! You look great Liz!

Nikki said...

Hopefully Santa will be on-call when Baby E decides to come. My doctor wasn't too pleasant when Lily decided to arrive at 1:15am, but I think it was because she was 39 weeks pregnant and it was the last night she was on-call till she had her baby.